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Pre-Sales FAQ


Can we use any camera?

Nola supports any network-enabled cameras and NVRs that be accessed via RTSP. See Supported Cameras for more information.

Are your on-premises servers rack mounted / What size are your servers?

Both options are available. It depends on the size of the installation and the physical space available:

Rack-mounted servers

  • High density options, in 1U-4U, multi-node form factors.
  • Pricing from AUD $10,000 - $30,000 depending on configuration, supplier and enterprise hardware support options. Lead time required.
  • Suitable for large installations (50+ cameras per node) or in space constrained environments.

Tower server

  • ~80% cheaper than rack-mounted and can be provided with little to no lead time.
  • 405 x 205 x 400 mm (LxWxH), weight ~15kg.
  • Suitable for medium installations (<25 cameras typically).


  • Small form factor, low power consumption, low noise.
  • 117 x 112 x 54 mm (LxWxH), weight <1kg.
  • Only suitable for small installations (<6 cameras typically) with cloud-based (Nola Edge) processing.

Privacy and Data Security

Where do you store data?

In Sydney datacentres. See Data Security for more information.

How do you protect personal privacy?

See our Data Security and Privacy Statement for a full description of our practices. To summarise:

  • We do not use any technology that can identify individuals. There is no way to track an individual from one visit to another.
  • For on-premises installations:
    • Video is never sent outside of the customer network.
    • Video is never stored on disk (in-memory only) and is destroyed usually within milliseconds of being received from a camera.
  • For cloud (Nola Edge) installations:
    • Video is destroyed as soon as it is processed.
  • All data is generated in terms of anonymous, aggregate statistics. There is no way to go from the data back to an individual.

Do you use facial recognition?

No. Nola is opposed to use of this technology and any technology which could be used to identify individuals. See our Data Security and Privacy Statement for more information.


Can we integrate with our BI system?

Yes, upon request, Nola can push its data to BI systems like Tableau and Power BI.

Can we integrate third party sources like weather & transport?

Yes. Nola can integrate with any third party sources that can make their data available to our system.

Nola already integrates weather data (Australia) and will be adding public transport data in some states soon.

Can we integrate our POS data or ride control system?

Yes, Nola can integrate this type of customer data via API connectivity or importing from flat files (e.g. CSV).